ANVH 250 A new era in suspension system development

ANVH 250™

Accelerated suspension development and improved NVH performance

The ANVH 250 is an axle-level test machine that accurately measures noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) transmission through a suspension system into a vehicle body.

With the ANVH 250’s data chassis engineers can:

  • improve the correlation between simulation models and physical suspension systems
  • identify design issues early in development so they can be cost-effectively resolved
  • tune prototype system design in the laboratory to meet both component and system-wide targets

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*Mandatory fields
  • Closed loop control 0-250Hz
  • All electric design
  • Up to 10kN peak force per actuator
  • 4kHz data capture rate
  • Test inputs in X, Y and Z axes
  • High natural frequency frame in excess of 250Hz


The ANVH 250 enables a data-driven approach to suspension system development so you can optimise NVH characteristics, accelerate time to market and avoid cost overruns. The ANVH 250 consists of a base system together with a range of options so you can tailor the solution to your requirements.

Base system
Frame, electrical cabinet, control and data software, one pair of vertical actuators and one pair of stingers
Base sensor kit
4 pairs of hardpoint force transducers with charge amplifiers
Advanced sensor kit
A user-selectable package of accelerometer and laser displacement sensors
Horizontal actuators
One pair of horizontal actuators with X and Y motor mounts, one pair of stingers and horizontal control module
Additional horizontal actuators
One pair of 10kN horizontal actuators with a pair of stingers
Multi-axis control
Secondary electrical cabinets and the multi-axis control module
Vertical K&C
One pair of dynamic arm spindle centre position measurement systems and the vertical K&C control module
Horizontal K&C
The horizontal axle K&C control module
Impact testing
One pair of high force and displacement vertical actuators and the impact test control module

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